about us

What is all this, and shouldn't it be "Pelletier & CO."???
Nah. We like the “Lo.” part.

We’re a family of four living in Austin, Texas. Stephanie married Erich in 2019 and took the Pelletier name. Along with Erich’s daughter, that made three Pelletiers living in one house. But what to do about Stephanie’s son / Erich’s step-son, Logan? He has a different last name. What to do….what to do…

Easily enough, “Co.” became “Lo.” And then it all made sense.

Between the two of them, Erich and Stephanie Pelletier have well over 30 years’ experience in design, marketing, sales, and art. We can do a LOT of different things. We’re builders, makers, artists, designers, and thinkers. Need a mural? Hit us up. Need a website? Hit us up. Need a t-shirt designed? Yeah, you can hit us up for that, too.